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The Earth


Good food


And have FUN!

GardenKids of Kemah has devoted its energy to passionately showing kids that food choices are the keys to growing healthly and fit.  Growers learn that foods come from the soil and not the supermarket.

Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of support and time.


Please consider supporting Gardenkids of Kemah by linking your Kroger Plus Card to our organization!
Kroger Community Rewards  will donate to Gardenkids of Kemah based on your purchases!

If you would like to link your Kroger Plus Card to Gardenkids of Kemah, please visit
Then sign in or create an account. 
Click "I'm a Customer" on the left side of the page to enroll in Community Rewards. 
Select Gardenkids of Kemah, Inc., Organization Number (LY857). 
If you have any difficulties, please call 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).

Thank you for your support!